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2014 Summer Season

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Summer is in full swing and the PDL Monday Night Crossfire Division is going strong. We have 9 die-hard teams playing in a fun, competitive 7-week season. “Pug Life” and captain “Big Tony” are back and better than ever in their self appointed role as league ambassadors, posting 20-4 record in the first two weeks of play. Not to be out done “The Replacements” look strong this season and currently sit in the driver’s seat of the standings. It must have been the passing of the captainship that has this team competing and laughing again.  The individual team “Back 4 More” has developed a strong chemistry on the court and will be a sleeper in the playoff bracket. Newcomers to the league “News Team” are making the classic Dodgeball rookie mistake and banking on their athleticism to carry them to the top of the standings. We all know this game is all about team strategy! The close nit group “Sticky Fingers” is back again, setting the PDL record for most seasons played in one calendar year (5). They will post a good record as usual this season. Nobody can figure out their secret play, not even them. The returning champs “Prestige Worldwide” seem to have super bowl hangover (7-17 record) as they spend more time celebrating off the court than focusing on game planning.  Finally, don’t worry “NARLOS,” (1-23 record) there is plenty of season left to mount a comeback, but the beardless Stevie needs to step it up.  All Casco Bay Sports participants and friends are welcome to come watch the season unfold and check out this awesome sport at Portland Sports Complex.  Feel free enjoy food and drink specials provided by Turf’s Sports Bar & Grill all season long. DODGEBALL! 

Spring Dodgeball Mid - Season Action!

Spring dodgeball is in full swing and loaded with talent this session. “Any Given Sunday” is out to prove that they are the #1 team to beat this season after missing out on the PDL championship 22oz mug last session. This task won’t be easy as veteran players have formed all-star teams such as “Hit it & Quit it” and “ALCOBALICS” who sit right behind them in the standings. The usual suspects in “Sticky finger” and “Pineapple strong” are off to great starts on the court and always set the tone off the court. That secret play must be working.

The return of “Team Blackout” has been a frustrating one as they have lost their emotional and bearded leader to a season ending injury, but don’t count them out just yet, this team has the hands to make a strong playoff run. “Picard Futball School” is quietly sitting in 4th place and seems to have turned the corner in actually playing dodgeball with a strategy. Captain Nick Nappi of “The Replacements” looks like he has RE-GROUPED his squad and will be a major threat during the second half of the season.

The newer teams including “Aimin for the Fatty” And “POW” are rounding into form at their own pace and will be looking to move up in the standings in the coming weeks ahead. Spring dodgeball has been a blast this season, a big THANK YOU to all PDL participants!  

Canolli Cannons

"The Legends" Pub Crawl this Saturday!

Join us Saturday April 26th for "The Legends" Pub Crawl!

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Start Time/Route:    

  •  Three Dollar Dewey's (5:00pm) - $3 Harpoon Drafts
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  •  Pats Pizza Old Port (7:00pm) - $2 Shipyard Exports
  •  The Thirsty Pig (8:00pm) - $2 Narragansett, $3 Shipyard Drafts
  •  Brian Boru's (9:00pm) - $3 Geary's Drafts
  •  Band starts at 10:00PM

 Tickets: $20 or 5 for $80

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  •  Legends Crawl T-Shirt
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  •  Portland Pub Guides
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  •  Prizes for Best Jerseys 

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Spring 2014 Mid Season Recap


With another successful 80’S week in the books, Portland Dodgeball League has reached to half way point of the season with many teams in need of shaking up the playoff standings. The Crossfire division top teams include “Wolves of Ball Street,” “Sticky Fingers” and “The Replacements” all jockeying for position for the leagues one seed. However, don’t sleep on “Cannoli Cannons” who are rounding into form under the leadership of their captain “spin move” Teah. Not to worry “Blazing Blue Balls,” there is always a chance!

Canolli Cannons

Tuesday Scorcher division has become a two team race for the number one seed. Defending champion “DAAABLE Check” and “Foreside Tavern” are separated by only ten points going into week 7. Newcomers “Blue Barracudas” have been a fine attrition to the league with their athletic play and HAVE FUN FIRST approach to the sport. Captain Lucas put on a show last week. In one game he single handedly took all six opponents one by one with 30 seconds left in the game, only proving that “Ball So Hard” needs to be taken seriously in the playoffs.


The best thirsty Thursday in town can be found at the Cube, where the PDL Stinger division showcases competitive play in an inviting, social atmosphere. “Suns out guns out” continues to play hard on and off the court each week and have finally found a home in the Stinger division. The usual suspects (High Heat, Slaughterballs, Impractical Ballers) are all battling for seeding and talking serious smack (Freeman, Abbot, Auger on the court, but they never forget to share a pint after the game. The season is winding down quickly, so start thinking about Spring and Summer sports.